Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome,

Tianna, Constance, Walter, Amanda and I, Augustin, are happy to start a new food project at Fable.
Starting friday the 16th of June Constance and I will cook the stuffs produced by Tianna, Walter and Denise and Tom and people I still don't know like Boris or Suzanna.
Three times a week you must join us to enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing delicious food made with delicious products. And because we are french it will feel like a tiny holiday.  I'm telling you, you'll feel like a tourist at home.
So let me explain how it will work.
You have to make a reservation, by phone, e-mail, fax, smoke signal (text) whatever you want to reach us. And then we'll ask you to bring 45 dollars for the weekend or 30 dollars for the weekdays, preferably in cash cause we are still attached to cash.  It makes us feel richer. And then you'll have to come at seven to eat like in a regular restaurant. You're free to bring your own wine or beer.  No hard liquor.  We're not that kind of place.
You'll eat a meal between something à l'assiette, a family feast and a buffet.
To start, you'll receive a plate. In it one or two ingredients, raw or cooked, rough or subtle. An ode to eggplant, a poem about cabbage, Homlet by Sheggspeare.
The main dish will be shared with the 5 or 6 people around you. A juicy piece of meat with five, six side dishes. Family style! as if you had the chance to grow up in a family with proper cooks.  
Also side dishes won't be meaty at all. And at least half of them will be a hundred percent vegetables or fruitables.
Still hungry ? No problemo, you'll have access to The Amazing Desserts Rolling Table, glitter, glitter, psh boom.
If you're brave enough you'll choose between different kind of desserts. Tarts pastry style, lemon or chocolate. Poached summer fruits in a light flavored syrup or in a wine and berries syrup. Aspics, which are fruits stuck in an home made jello, it sounds gross but well done it's a refreshing delight in your mouth. Floating islands, best known as îles flottantes, which means floating islands in French ; eggs, milk and sugar mysteriously mixed to obtain something edible and oké nice. And last, a clafoutis (you should use a heavy french accent while reading this word).

Tianna  was raised by wild tigers far away from upstate NY. She was eating raw rabbits her whole life when she discovered carrots, spinach, potatoes and the rest of the vegetables. Since then she has grown some on a farm. Sometimes when she sees a bunny, something goes wrong in her head and she needs to eat two pounds and a half of raw kale. Bam, like that, isn't it crazy ?

Walter  works now undercover at Star Route farms. He used be the famous Walter Chainbreaker, hired by the Barnum Circus. After a long tour in Europe and middle Asia he decided to dedicate his life to grow the best vegs ever eaten. Some sundays you can see him trying to break chains behind his tractor. But don't talk about it, he wants to keep his hobby private.

Constance  has a PHD in biology and she's now an entomologist specialized in moth. She's a cruciverbalist and she does sudoku hardcore level. If you have some insomnia's problems, you just have to start a discussion with Constance. I can bet you'll fall asleep in no time.

Augustin is a former pro surfer and a former hairdresser famous for mastering rainbow dyeing technics. After a yoga retreat in north Dakota he's sharing his life between cooking for people who wants to eat and building hair clips with colorful bottle tops.